Awa Awa Ume Ume Umeshu

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Origin: Okinawa Prefecture, Japan
Vol: 1.8L
ABV: 18%

Umeshu is normally made with sake or shochu, Japanese rock sugar and ume. The resulting liquid is often fined and filtered to make a transparent umeshu. Awa Awa & Sake Central x Kumejima No Kumesen Ume Ume Umeshu takes it one step further by implementing Awamori as the base spirit. The result is a level of acidity and umami that is not present in standard umeshu. Further, this umeshu allows for the ume to 'melt' into the umeshu through long-term aging; giving the umeshu an extra rich texture. Finally, AWA AWA UME UME uses black sugar to bring a bitter sweet and almost saline characteristic - for umeshu lovers, there is nothing like it and it was bottled exclusively for AWA AWA.

Released only in 1.8L, enjoy it with friends at your next party!

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