Chiyomusubi Impact Japanese Craft Gin

Type: Gin
Style: Dry Gin
Sale price$97.00


Origin: Japan

Vol: 720ml

因伯人 Impact Craft Gin is made with 13 botanicals such as Juniper berry, Angelica root, coriander seed, lemon, yuzu, yasaku, orange, ginger, blueberry, clove, cinnamon, kuromoji, many of which are local Japanese botanicals such as the citron, hassaku orange, ginger and yuzu. Distilled in the summer of 2019 using technology of distilled liquor cultivated over many years. In the name, the old Tottori clan Inabi and Hoki expressed their feelings for their home town, and as the name applies, a flavorful taste.

Enjoy straight or on the rocks. Also goes well in cocktails. 


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