Matsu no Hana x Sake Central 'Super Sour' Yuzushu

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Origin: Shiga Prefecture, Japan
Type: Kajitsu-shu
Alcohol: 12%
Size: 720 ml

Sake Central Yuzushu is based on a recipe curated by Elliot Faber and the Sake Central team, in collaboration with Kawashima brewery in Shiga prefecture. This yuzushu is made with fresh yuzu juice, Japanese rock sugar and Kawashima's own Junmai sake which is macerated and cool temperatures for a period of weeks. The result is a floral, citrusy nose with a distinctive sweet and sour profile. Enjoy it on the rocks, with soda or make your own Whisky Lemonade and other great cocktails!

The name Matsu no Hana has associations to the pine tree that was on the land before the sake brewery was built. Founded more than 150 years ago, the brewery makes sake from the bountiful rice which is grown locally under a special contract and water from the Hira Mountains underground mountain stream “Kabata.”

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