Abe Regulus

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Origin: Abe Shuzo, Niigata

Raw Rice: 100% Kashiwazaki rice

ABV: 14%

Vol: 720ml

Recommended temperature range: 5- 15 degrees

Regulus is part of the Abe Shuzo - Star Constellation series. Using only rice from Kashiwazaki where the brewery is based, the artwork on the label depicts the actual rice field from which the sakes rice is cultivated. This sake is released in early spring of each year and that is when the Regulus star is the brightest within the constellation.

Best enjoyed from a wine glass, the crisp & bracing acidity is the gorgeous highlight of this modern sake. White Koji is used & this offers a unique wine-like acidity profile, as compared to Yellow Koji, which is more commonly used for sakes.

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