Ayu Masamune Daiginjo

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Origin: Yamagata Prefecture
Rice: Yamadanishiki
Polishing Ratio: 40%
SMV: +3.5
Acidity: N.A.
ABV: 16%
Vol: 500ml

Highly aromatic nose of winter fruits, melon, peaches, with mineral notes of rainfall and dried leaves. Settled, deep, elegant with well-textured. Clean throughout, crisp finishing.

The Saruhashi area of Myoko city where Ayu Masamune Brewery is located is one of the most heavily snow-covered areas in Niigata Prefecture. In the winter season the brewery will be wrapped and covered in snow that is about 2 meters deep. The brewers work hard to make sake in the midst of the harsh nature. It is said that the brewers who is going to celebrate 140 years of brewing sake since its establishment will spare no efforts in making sake more and more for everyone in the future.

Ayu Masamune Daiginjo is the finest liquor born in a warehouse wrapped entirely in a height of snow. Benefiting from the snow and taking advantage of the constant low temperature condition the mash is fermented at a low temperature for a long period of time. With that the sake features a fruity aroma and a smooth mouthfeel that makes the most of the characteristics of the charge water.

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