Dewazakura Ginjo Izumi Judan

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Origin: Yamagata 山形県

Rice: Haenuki

Polish: 50%

SMV: +10

ABV: 17%

Vol: 720ml

Classification: Junmai Ginjo

Dry, Crisp, Compact, & Different

That’s it – you found one of the most crisp and dry sakes in the store! The nose on this cutting sake is a collection of floral, berries, rice, and mineral water aromas. Behold a sake that is built to appeal to those who like martinis. This sake is so crisp and compact that it drinks with many similar flavors to a cocktail of sorts. Look for juniper berries, crisp pear, and dry melon tones on a fluid that is as clean and crisp as any in the business. This sake does open up the next day and drinks a little more fruit forward, but on the whole it is dry and sharp and does appeal to those who like the flavor and alcohol tingle of clear liquors.

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