Haneya Junmai Ginjo Yamabuki

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Origin: Fumigiku Sake Brewery, Toyama

Vol: 720ml

ABV: 15%, SMV: +3

Refreshing, delicate sake with a gentle fragrance. Medium dry, almost like white wine. Pairs well with a dish that you would squeeze lemon in like Karaage, Tonkatsu and Carpaccio.

Fumigiku Sake Brewery is a small sake brewery based in Toyama City with a long history and tradition. Established in 1916, it celebrated the centennial of its founding in 2016. The current kuramoto (owner), Keiki Hane, who has now taken over the family business, started Haneya, a special sake label that is distributed nationwide in Japan to establish the next generation of sake brewing.

Haneya sakes are made using natural water from the Joganji-gawa River System in Toyama, which is considered to be one of “Japan’s 100 Best Natural Waters.” In addition to the gentei kyusui water absorption method, which requires great care and can only be achieved using a small quantity of rice, all Haneya sake is made by using hako-koji (box koji) and futa-koji (tray koji), the same meticulous koji treatment techniques that are also used for ginjo (premium sake). They also only use the nakagumi or nakadori (both meaning “mid-cut”), which is sake created from the second pressing of the three-part pressing process, and is the best type of sake made in the tank. They have since won international recognition and awards. 


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