Heiwa Tsuru-Ume Yuzushu

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Origin: Wakayama Prefecture
ABV: 7.5%
Vol: 720ml

Yuzushu can be likened to a Japanese version of limoncello, substituting lemon for the local Yuzu fruit, and combining the juice with Sake. Heiwa produce their Yuzushu with a high 1:1 ratio of one year old Sake and Yuzu juice. 

The Yuzu fruit is sourced from Wakayama, and is juiced with the peel ensuring all the sweet, sour, and bitter flavours of the fruit are retained. Vibrant and lifted aromatics, with pure yuzu and citrus zest, along with faint hints of lime and herbal grassiness. High acidity matched by the freshness and intensity of flavour. Long finish. Enjoy chilled and served on the rocks.

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