Homare Junmai Ginjo Karahashi Black Label

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Origin: Fukushima Prefecture
Rice: Yamadanishiki
Polishing Ratio: 60%
SMV: +1.0
Acidity: 1.6
ABV: 16%
Vol: 720ml

IWC 2017 Trophy

Candy floss, some grainy notes with pear. Floral, elegant, well-balanced between nose and palate. Round, savoury mid-palate having some positive bitter minerality. Dry, medium weight style.

This sake was made with the image as the younger brother of Aizu Homare Banshu Yamada Junmai Daiginjo‚ which won the IWC championship. I think it's hard to drink sake of the world highest quality in everyday life in terms of the price, but Karahashi Yamadanishiki has a price range that makes it easier to drink. It seems to be a sake that tries to bring out the quality of Aizu Homare Banshu Yamada Junmai Daiginjo.

One of the features is the carefully selected manufacturing method, in which sake made from groundwater assembled from 100m underground is stored at -5*C, and after waiting for the flavour to emerge, it is then pasteurised.

So the taste is similar to Junmai Daiginjo. There is a sweet taste in the slightly semi-dry flavour. And one thing that cannot be missed with Karahashi Yamadanishiki‚ is the scent. It has a good balance of tropical fruit and mango-like aroma and sweetness. It also matches greasy meals such as shrimp and vinegar pork.

Recommend to drink at 12-15 degrees chilled or at 40 degrees warm

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