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Homare Junmai Ginjo Karahashi White Label - sakechan

Homare Junmai Ginjo Karahashi White Label

Homare Sake Brewery
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Origin: Homare Sake Brewery, Fukushima Prefecture

Vol: 720ml

Rice: Yume no Kaori

2016 純米吟醸酒の部 Bronze Medal

A sake made using ‚Yume no Kaori rice from Aizu and Utsukushima Yume yeast from the Fukushima prefecture. Rich with the fruity scent of melons and strawberries, the sake feels soft and gentle so that you can feel the tasty umami and minerals afterwards. Somewhat sweet yet somewhat dry, this drink is guaranteed to give you a refreshing feeling. It has a mellow and banana-like aroma, making it easy to match with various dishes. It is especially recommended to have it with shrimp tempura with rock salt. Aizu Homare is one of the best sake breweries in the Tohoku region.

Recommend to drink at 12-15 degrees chilled or at 40 degrees warm