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Isojiman Tokubetsu Junmai Omachi 55 - sakechan

Isojiman Tokubetsu Junmai Omachi 55

Isojiman Premium Sake Brewing
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IWC Gold Medal, Sake Competition Gold Medal

Origin: Isojiman Premium Sake Brewing, Shizuoka

ABV: 16%

Rice: Akaiwa Omachi

Volume: 720ml

Semaibuai: 55%

SMV: +3

Acidity: 1.2

Grade: Tokubetsu Junmai


This is one of Isojiman’s most popular sakes & the Omachi 55 has a spirited aroma and a fruity palate. Full of Umami and well-balanced sweetness, it matches well with a wide variety of dishes. Akaiwa, a city in Okayama is widely recognized as having the perfect soil and climatic conditions for the cultivation of Omachi.  Champion of Sake Competition 2015 Junmai grade.