Kameizumi Junmai Ginjo Ginroku Hiyaoroshi

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Origin: Kameizumi Shuzo, Kochi

Raw Rice: Ginnoyume

Semaibuai: 50%

ABV: 15%

SMV: +5

Acidity: 1.5

Vol: 720ml

Using CEL-19 Kobo (yeast) fermented slowly at low temperatures. Fresh aromas of apples and pears. Balanced acidity, umami and bitterness offers a great pairing with seasonal autumn produce.

Hiyaoroshi 冷や卸し (sometimes used interchangeably with the term, akiagari) is a general term referring to sake that has been pasteurized once in the winter and then allowed to mature over the summer before distribution in the autumn months. Hiyaoroshi, it’s important to note, is not a strictly regulated definition. Many hiyaoroshi on the shelves nowadays have not undergone pasteurization, and are merely defined by the general period the sake has been left to mature and its autumn release.

Hiyaoroshi’s summer maturing process allows flavorful components to further coalesce and get to know each other, resulting in a bottle with boosted umami, and a balanced, less hard-edged profile.

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