Kamoizumi Junmai Zoka Nama

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Origin: Kamoizumi Shuzo, Hiroshima Prefecture

Rice: Yamadanishiki

Polish: 65%

Vol: 720ml

Zoka is the name of where the Yamadanishiki Rice Fields in Saijo Town are. 6km north of Kamoizumi, it has excellent conditions. Without heat treatment of pure rice sake, this sake has a pleasant and refreshing aroma. Perfect for a cold summer sake.

Kamoizumi Shuzo was founded in 1911 and is a pioneer in pure rice brewing, with no added distilled alcohol in their sakes. They also brew without carbon filtration to maintain the pure flavour, and are loved for their golden sakes with mellow and rich taste. They are located in the famous Saijo sake region in Hiroshima, near the National Research Institute of Brewing.

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