Kiminoi Junmai Ginjo Yamahai

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Brewery: Kiminoi Shuzo
Sake Type: Junmai Ginjo, Yamahai
Bottle Size: 720ml
Founded by: Tanaka Family in 1842
Prefecture: Niigata
Polish: 58%
Rice: Gohyaku Mongoku

Deep, Expansive, Smooth, & Round. Say hello to a newer version of this outstanding sake with new packaging, all new flavors, and feelings.A pronounced Yamahai nose of enoki mushrooms, cedar, nut husks and autumn leaves. Extremely complex, rich, gamey with wild umami. Playful, yet thought provoking. Smooth, light, with a nice body and a gentle acidity. This new Kiminoi is rich but not heavy, and superbly balanced. It is an elegant brew that celebrates the flavor of Gohyakumangoku brewing rice that is now milled to 55%. Look for hints of roasted rice, caramel, nougat, and rice pudding flavors that move along on a smooth and evenly balanced flow.

A larger glass makes this drink more elegant and mid-sized glass is best for a solid feeling to flavor connection. Pairs well with  Smoked fish, fowl, and cheese, salty and savory things on a stick.

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