Masahiro Okinawa Gin

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Origin: Okinawa Prefecture
Ingredients: Okinawa Botanicals
ABV: 47%
Vol: 700ml

Masahiro Distillery uses fantastic and exotic ingredients as your botanicals to create a really local flavour profile. It's also worth pointing out that Masahiro is using some hybrid distillation method to make this, as they use two Awamori pot stills rather than a continuous still.

This is the first gin to come from Okinawa. The history of distillation in Japan may have started in Okinawa--Ryukyu Kingdom at the time--as the island served as an intermediary between the Silk Road and Japan.
Jumping directly into the botanicals, it's basically subtropical Okinawa in a bottle:
Juniper ,Shequasar , Guava leaves , Goya (bitter melon) , Roselle (a species of hibiscus) , Balinese long pepper.

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