Miyakanbai Junmai Daiginjo 8%

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Origin: Miyagi Prefecture
Rice: Kura no Hana
Polish: 8%
ABV: 15%
SMV: 0, Acidity: 0.7
Vol: 720ml

Limited! This is the first and lowest polishing at for the Kura no Hana rice from Kanbai Shuzo. It is a rare 8% ultra-low rice polishing degree, which required over 200 hours of rice milling. The result is exquisite sake made with very delicately polished local rice and small batch, meticulous brewing. A gorgeous bouquet of pineapple greets you first, subsequently on the palate the ambrosia is soft and light, ending on a clear finish. This was a true triumph for Kanbai Shuzo.

Enjoy chilled. Great with oysters, seafood or sashimi.

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