Nanbubijin Junmai Daiginjo Sakemirai

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Origin: Iwate Prefecture
Rice: Sakemirai
Polishing Ratio: 50%
SMV: -2.0
Acidity: 1.2
ABV: 16%
Vol: 720ml

The toji (chief brewer) and brewery workers have inherited the refined technology and traditions of the Nanbutoji, the foremost of Japan's three great Toji groups. The Nanbubijin name is derived from the brewery's passion for producing beautiful sake as well as attributes of Ninohe City of Iwate Prefecture, known as Southern Country blessed by magnificent natural landscapes.

Sakemirai is a sake rice that is drawing interest among sake lovers. A new rice developed in 1999 and developed over the course of 18 years, Sakemirai can produce sakes with floral rich flavours. Using this new sake rice and pure subsoil water from Orizume Basenkyo, a prefectural natural park in Iwate Prefecture, this sake has a gorgeous, floral aroma and notes of juicy fruit. Pairs well with white fish sashimi.

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