Sawahime Junmai Ginjo Premium

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Origin: Inoue Seikichi Shoten, Tochigi

Vol: 720ml

ABV: 17%

Polish: 50%

Rice: Hitogokochi

SMV: +5.5, 1.7

IWC 2015 - Silver

Owner & Toji, Inoue san picks out his best tank of Junmai Ginjo from the brewing season and this sake undergoes in-bottle pasteurisation to preserve its fresh & bright profile. An alluring fruit driven bouquet with hints of apricots and fresh granny smith apples. Aromatic tropical fruits, banana and citrus. sandalwood, spices. Big boned and drinkable, creamy mouthfeel. Well structured, elegant and an off-dry finish, this sake pairs well with rich & robust flavors.

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