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Sawahime Shimotsuke Junmai Daiginjo - sakechan

Sawahime Shimotsuke Junmai Daiginjo

Inoue Seikichi Shoten
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Origin: Tochigi, Japan

Alcohol: 15.0%

Rice: Gohyakumangoku

Semaibuai: 40%

SMV: +2

Acidity: 1.5

Robert Parker / Wine Advocate 93pts, Grand Gold Medal - Fine Sake Awards 2017

Sawahime Shimotsuke Junmai Daiginjo lightly smoky with dried grass and rice aromas; this sake is just bringing me to the paddy field in autumn. Such poetic imagery! Dry and pure, with refreshing acidity and a moderate body, it is a clear-cut sake with preciseness and perfection. Having received a high rating of 93 points on the Robert Parker Wine Advocate evaluation, this highly perfumed sake exhibits gorgeous aromatics. Given Inoue san's masterful brewing techniques, he has achieved amazing balance where the sweet fruit-driven notes are accompanied with perfectly pitched acidity and immense clarity on the finish. Best showcased from a wine glass.