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Senkin Organic Nature Kimoto Muroka Genshu 2019 - sakechan

Senkin Organic Nature Kimoto Muroka Genshu 2019

Senkin Shuzo
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Origin: Tochigi Prefecture:
Rice: Kamenoo
Polishing Ratio: 90%
Acidity: N.A.
ABV: 14%
Vol: 720ml

Bottled from the 3rd wooden barrel, it is milder and nutty like chestnuts. The 3rd of Senkin's neo classic Sake. 2019 version is all produced with the organic rice, and approaching the origin of Sake. 

Made using the Kimoto method, in natural wooden vats as well as naturally occurring yeast and lactic acid bacteria. Wild aromatic, with plums, peaches and lychee. Light cheesy notes on the palate is cut with high acidity, a light texture with a good amount of savouriness.