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Shishi no Sato Chokara Junmai - sakechan

Shishi no Sato Chokara Junmai

Matsuuro Shuzo
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Origin: Matsuuro Shuzo, Ishikawa

Rice: Ishikawamon

Polish: 65%

SMV: +8, Acidity: 1.8

Vol: 720ml

ABV: 15%

獅子の里 超辛+8純米. Cho-kara means super dry, however, this sake isn’t only dry but also achieves the best harmony in the mouth. It improves the taste of food and dissolves the fats of food with a clear and comfortable finish. Good balance of mellow rice flavors with a refreshing palate, especially so with grilled meats & deep fried items.

This brewery has been located in Yamanaka Onsen since 1772. This place is famous for its Onsen, a natural hot springs with marvelous scenery. The brand name “Shishinosato” means “the hometown of lions”.