StrangeLove Double Ginger Beer Lo-Cal Soda

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ORIGIN: Australia
VOL: 300ml

A crisp, spicy elixir based on StrangeLove's not-so-secret homemade recipe, this fiery ginger beer uses double the firepower to get the job done. Australian ginger juice provides body, depth and a build up of heat on the cheat, whilst intense, aromatic Fijian ginger extract adds zingy, vibrant top notes and ginger spice for your tongue. 

The result is a delicate, true-to-life ginger beer that will still be felt long after the glass is empty. It's the closest you can get to home-made without having to talk to your relatives.

All StrangeLove's Lo-Cal sodas are naturally lower in sugar, without relying on sweeteners such as stevia or erythritol. They are all natural and contain no preservatives.

Double Ginger contains 4.0g sugar per 100ml, or 55 calories per 300ml bottle. 

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