Sunday's Whisky

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ABV: 40%
VOL: 750ml

Age: Aged at least three years (“No Age Statement”)

Tasting Notes Nose: Chamomile, White Pepper, Dairy Milk
Palate: Cocoa Nib Shochu, Chili Flake, Osmanthus Water
Finish: Teasing, Clean, Eucalyptus

Sunday’s Whisky was inspired by our vision of making Japanese Whisky approachable and fun while respecting artisanal traditions and investing in impeccable quality. The result is a whisky that can be enjoyed on its own or in cocktails; particularly in an Old Fashioned, a Whisky Lemonade, or our favourite, Sunday’s Hi - our signature highball.

We collaborated with Sasanokawa Shuzo on the exact “recipe” of Sunday’s Whisky. Barrel-aged malt and grain spirits from around the world are selected and subsequently mixed with Japanese Whisky and blended with the purest Japanese water. The barrels selected for maturation are largely ex-Bourbon casks which offer a round and mellow influence to the final product. This creates a terroir that could only be crafted by combining both Sasanokawa's resources and Sunday's Spirits’ curation.

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