Tenmei Homura Kimoto Junmai Daiginjo

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Origin: Fukushima Prefecture, Japan
ABV: 16%
SMV: +1.92
Acidity: 1.77
Polish: 29%
Rice: Kamenoo

This sake, which is brewed carefully by collecting everything that the brewers can pour together, such as time, materials, labour, technology, and thoughts, is a very important axis of Tenmei that should not be shaken. This saké was brewed using locally planted Kamenoo rice polished down to 29%; where it is carefully fermented for 70 days to achieve a firm taste. Its dry taste with balanced acidity on top of a clean and sharp finish makes it a pleasant and enjoyable experience which results in an elegant and soft taste profile. 

Enjoy both cold and warm (40-45 degrees).

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