Tenmei Shoka no Nama Seme blend - sakechan

Tenmei Shoka no Nama Seme blend

Akebono Shuzo
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Origin: Fukushima, Japan

Grade : Junmai

Rice Variety : Yume no Ka, Kame no O, Akaiwa Omachi

Polishing Ratio : 65%

SMV : +3

ABV : 16%

While some of the other Tenmai labels celebrate the blending of yeast, this bottle combines 3 different varieties of rice into the production of the sake.  No easy feat as the brewers now have to control 3 different fermentation sensitivities and characteristics. 

Seme is a term used to describe the last third of the sake pressing, when the mash is subjected to the highest pressure. The word literal meeting is something along the lines of ‘persecution’, so you get the idea, the sake mash is really squeezed. The Seme sake run is often viewed as the least desirable. 

Tenmei moromi is squeezed into sake and sake cake using a ‘sase-style’ tank (Fune) at Akebono Brewery. Tenmei Shoka no Nama Seme Blend is a blend of Seme Sake that is squeezed in the tank. After tasting Tenmei Nakadori No.0 to Tenmei Nakadori No.5, choose three flavours that are suitable, and blend them in an exquisite balance. In a word, it is a blend of selected ‘Seme” sake. Yume no Ka rice, Omachi rice, Kame no O. the blend ratio is not indicated on the label but it is 4:3:3 from the top. Their efforts are a presented here in a complex, yet clean sake with a semi-dry finish.