Toyobijin Junmai Ginjo Yamadanishiki

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Origin: Yamaguchi Prefecture
Rice: Yamadanishiki
Polish: 40%
ABV: 16%

The first label of the Jundoichizu series, Yamadanishiki is teh core of Sumikawa Shuzo, and probably the most well-balanced in the series. Notes of pineapple and banana. Light and crisp, with moderate umami.

With a history dating to 1921, Sumikawa Shuzo is one of the younger sake breweries in the country, but due to the efforts of fourth generation owner and brewmaster Takafumi Sumikawa the small producer in far flung Yamaguchi prefecture has become one of the most well regarded and in demand sake in the world. Current brew master learned brewing in Takagishuzo which produces “Juyondai(十四代)”. As a proof of his potential skill, Mr.Takagi who is the owner of Takagishuzo gave his signature brewery rice “Sakemirai”.

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