NIKKA Coffey Malt Whisky

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ORIGIN: Honshu, Japan
STYLE: Single Malt Whisky
ABV: 45%
VOL: 70cl

Up until now the Nikka Coffey Malt was restricted to single cask vintage bottlings, but now it joins its grain-based counterpart in offering a new, permanent, version bottles at 45%.

This new vintage is made using a truly unique manufacturing process. It is made entirely from barley malted in column stills that are generally used to make Nikka grain whisky.

The result is a rich, woody malt Coffey with a surprising and unique texture on the palate.

Style: Gourmand, round
Nose: Pear tart, banana, rice pudding, vanilla
Palate: Desserty, dried fruits (raisins), maize
Finish: Popcorn, caramel, cinnamon

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