Earn Points

Sign up for our points program to start earning points. For every $1 spent in-store and/or online, you will earn 1 point.

Accumulate these points and redeem for store credit, free shipping coupons and more which can be used both in-store and online.

If you are on your desktop or mobile, look out for the red gift icon "Redeem Points" on the bottom left hand side of the page. Click it to start your account.

If you are in-store, simply ask a member of staff to create an account for you.

You will receive an email with your points summary immediately after every purchase.

You can earn more points when you refer a friend to sakechan!

Redeem Points

You may redeem any of these in-store and/or online:

$5 off coupon with 250 points

Free shipping with 350 points

$10 coupon with 500 points

$30 coupon with 1000 points

$50 off coupon with 1500 points

Sign in to your points program by clicking on the red gift icon on the bottom left hand corner of the page on your mobile or desktop.

Under "All Rewards", you will be able to see all the rewards your current points balance entitles you to.

Click on the chosen reward and receive a coupon code via email. Simply enter that code at checkout online to redeem your reward at your next purchase.

There is currently no expiry for these points. However, our redemption tiers may change over time at our discretion. You will be notified of any changes.

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