Sunday's Coffee Shochu

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Origin: Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture
Type: Shochu Infusion
ABV: 22%
Vol: 360ml

Sunday’s Spirits has worked with world-renowned coffee roasters, including Stumptown (from Portland), La Colombe (from Philadelphia), and Beyond Coffee Roasters (from Kobe, Japan), to create 3 versions of their coffee-infused shochu.

Sunday’s Coffee Shochu is currently made with beans from Beyond Coffee Roasters and rice shochu from Tsubosaka Brewery in Hyogo, Japan.

Beyond Coffee Roasters is run by Bunn-san, who started his business after traveling the world to find the best coffee beans. Bunn-san roasts individual batches one at a time and works with the Yardbird team directly to produce the specific roast that works best for Sunday’s Coffee Shochu.

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