Dassai Junmai Daiginjo Migaki Niwari Sanbu 23

Size: 720ml
Sale price$150.00


Origin: Yamaguchi Prefecture
Rice: Yamadanishiki
Polishing Ratio: 23%
SMV: +4.0
Acidity: N.A.
ABV: 16.5%
Vol: 720ml

Kura Master 2020 Gold Medal
- IWC 2021: Gold Medal

One of the most well known Japanese sake.The fruity bouquet offers apple, peach and nashi pear. It's both vivid and sensuous. The initial impression is that of the clean flavour with an aftertaste that combines the sweetness of fruit with a soft mellowness. Dassai "Ni-wari San-bun" Junmai Daiginjo is the sake that defines Dassai. It is made with rice that has been milled so that only 23% of the original size of the grain remains. 

Going to this extreme allows the brewers to create a sake like no other, a sake that is the pinnacle of refined elegance, subtlety, and delicate flavours and aromas.

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