Emishiki Sensation Black

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Origin: Shiga Prefecture, Japan
Vol: 720ml
ABV: 16%
Rice: Shiga
Polish: 50%
SMV: +3, Acidity: 1.5

Similar with Sensation White, Sensation Black is brewed using the ancient Kimoto Method as well. Daffodils, Jasmine & Fuji Apples on the nose. On the palate, bright acidity on entry with lively tropical citrus & an off-dry finish meld together gorgeously. A proprietary yeast blend which includes hana-kobo (Flower Yeast) & No.7 yeast yields a balance of delicate fruity notes & a relatively dry & crisp finish. Pressing for all sakes at emishiki employ the gentle saseshiki as compared with the huge mechanical yabutas.

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