Hagi no Tsuru Junmai Ginjo BetsuShikomi Sakura Nekko (720ml)

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Beautiful sweeping vistas of sakura blooms usher in spring as the harsh cold winters begin their retreat. Lightly effervescent, the "ori" or residual lees impart a pleasant sweetness on entry, with a trace of herbaceous & balmy notes on the finish.

Style: Floral & Fruity 
Taste: Mildly swet, herbaceous and creamy
Nose: Fresh spring flowers
Polishing: 50% 

Prefecture: Miyagi 
Rice: Miyamanishiki 
ABV: 15% 
SMV: +3
Acidity: 1.3
Recommended Pairings: Steamed clams, Chirashi sushi
Serving Temperature: 11-16°C

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