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Hourai Junmai Ginjo 'Kaden Tezukuri' - sakechan

Hourai Junmai Ginjo 'Kaden Tezukuri'

Watanabe Shuzo
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Vol: 720ml

SMV: +3

ABV: 15%

Rice: Hidahomare

Polish: 55%

Origin: Watanabe Shuzo, Gifu Prefecture

Kura Master Platinum Award 2018

ISC 2018 Trophy

IWC Sake 2017 - Silver Medal

Hourai Junmai Ginjo 'Kaden Tezukuri' 家伝手造り. Melon, cream cheese and strawberries on the nose. Silky texture, mineral and crisp from the mid-palate onwards. Savoury.