Niida Shizenshu Junmai Ginjo

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Origin: Fukushima Prefecture, Japan
Rice: Kamenoo, Toyonishiki
Polish: 60%
ABV: 16%

Brewed with the traditional Kimoto method with Kameno-o and Toyonishiki rice. This Junmai Ginjo is brewed in four-stage mashing process, instead of the regular three-stage process, giving it a rounder/creamier mouthfeel. Plenty of umami with a sharp finish that can be enjoyed with a wide variety of cuisine.

Located in Koriyama, Fukushima, Niida Honke was founded in 1711. The brewery is committed to preserving nature and brewing Junmai sakes using Shizenmai (fertilizer and pesticide-free rice) and natural water, as well as the traditional Kimoto method. Niida Honke is a pioneer in growing organic rice since 1967 and has been leading the industry ever since.

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