RASEN Junmai

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Hyogo-based brewery Yaegaki, which has a history of 350 years of brewing expertise, has partnered Singapore Chef Willin Low to create RASEN, a new blended sake made specially to be paired with Singapore’s unique cuisine.

With a refreshing acidity and elegant sweetness, RASEN is best enjoyed with Singaporean delights such as satay, laksa and oyster omelette. The sake has a smooth finish and leaves behind a light aftertaste with lingering umami.

“This was a super exciting project not only because it is the first sake created to pair with Singaporean food but also because I got to marry my two loves — Singaporean food and Japanese sake! The acidity and umami of Japanese sake actually complements our local dishes extremely well, and in that light we decided to create a unique sake that accentuates that,” said Chef Willin Low.

RASEN refers to "Spiral" in Japanese. The label design explores the blend of the two cultures; each grain of rice is made of two colours that overlap and change, creating a third harmonious colour. 

ABV: 14%

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